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Since 1974, "engineering excellence" has been the hallmark of Advance Lifts products. Over the last few years, we have intensified the research and development program at Advance Lifts and the value gap between our products and our competitors has increased significantly. Recent innovations include our "Ultra High Cycle" lift with a 3,000,000 cycle warranty, the only lift of it's kind in the industry. Also, we have the patent for the "Platform Centering Device" which is now standard on all of our production tables and which virtually eliminates the single greatest cause of lift wear.

We have also designed a positioning system for production lift tables that can position a table to + .030". We have been advancing the "state of the art" in lift performance at a dramatic pace. The point of all this research is to provide customers with superior value and service. Some of our breakthroughs can be applied to many of our standard products, while others are reserved for custom high performance applications. Regardless, our knowledge base is available to you and we hereby invite you to put Advance's engineering expertise to work for you.